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Extra Vial

Add an extra vial toward the end of your level. Reading the same as the level vials in the center of your level, this extra vial will add ease to the job and save you time by not having to lean back to the middle each time when leveling.

Block Plate

Block plates help protect your level from scratches and abrasions when placing your level inside a block.

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Name Plate

Personalize your level by adding an engraved name plate. This helps to identify your level on the job site and protects your level from theft.
Yellow Vial

Clear Vial

All Smith levels feature large, easy to read vials made of Pyrex glass for strength. They are available in your choice of clear or yellow fluid and are guaranteed not to fade.

Magnetic Edge

Powerful Rare Earth Magnets hold level securely.

Rubber End Caps

Rubber end caps can be added to the ends of your level to help absorb shock. (2 per set)

45º Vial

45 degree vial can be added to any size level and comes standard on our 12" level.

Brass Binding

Smith levels come standard with tough stainless steel binding, but some craftsmen choose our brass binding for an extra touch of class.

8" Level

Try one of our NEW 8" levels. They work great in tight spaces.

5-pc. Lamination

Standard Smith levels are 3-piece tongue and groove lamination, providing superior strength and stability, but you can add additional strength and beauty by choosing our 5-piece tongue and groove lamination. We will not face glue our levels like other brands do, as it is not nearly as strong or durable.

Click here to view 3-pc. and 5-pc. Level options.
Various Wood
Combinations Available


All Smith Levels feature 3- and 5-piece laminations. We will not face glue like other brands.


Lens Repair Kit

This repair kit includes 6 Lenses, 6 retainer rings, 1 bottle raw linseed oil and complete instructions for removing and installing new glass lenses and rings.

Smith Level Repair Kit Instructions
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Hanging Hook

Add a hook to your level and help prevent your level from taking a fall. Hooks bolt through existing hanging hole on end of level with no drilling required.

Individual Bottles
Raw Linseed Oil

Help add years of life to your level by applying a light coat of raw linseed oil to your level weekly. This will help preserve and harden the wood on your level.

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